Why Buy Craft Kits?

By | 02/01/2014

Why buy craft kits when you have a room full of crafting supplies?  I have quite a few reasons why I like to have craft kits on hand.  Here’s my Number 1 reason!!!

stamping imperfection

My daughter came home from college for the weekend to relax before her second (and final!) semester of college begins.  Her question to me:  “What craft kits do you have that I can do?”  I was happy to have some for her to use!

Yes…that’s my living room floor she has covered with stamping supplies!  I had some leftover kits from the Holiday catalog that she adapted for Valentine’s Day.  I also had some My Paper Pumpkin kits that she was happy to make as well.  (She needs thank you cards for professors who have written her letters of recommendation for graduate schools!)

stamping imperfection craft kits

Here is one of the My Paper Pumpkin card kits that she modified using my Teeny Tiny Wishes stamp set.  How cute is this?


stamping imperfection craft kits

Recognize these tags?  These were in the Holiday Catalog and they were for treat bags for Halloween and Christmas.  I got them when they went on sale during one of the Tuesday Weekly Deals.  You can see that she’s added Washi Tape and the Lace Tape along with the Teeny Tiny Wishes.  (She’s very creative, my Katie!)

stamping imperfection craft kits

These are two of the My Paper Pumpkin Kits that she made directly from the kit to add to her card stash.  Even college students need a greeting card stash!


Finally…she made one of the This and That Epic Day journals.  She’s a long distance runner and she’s been creating journals and running logs since middle school.  She keeps track of how much she runs, her meals, workouts and so forth.  She also includes inspirational quotes and pictures from running magazines.

stamping imperfection

Here, you can see that she has used index cards and Epic Day Designer Series Paper for her journals as well.  stamping imperfection

Here she’s included my running advice for her:  RUN FASTER!  (Or if you are an Office fan…Pam Beasley’s running strategy:  Run fast at the beginning, run fast in the middle and run fast at the end!)

All of these craft kits have not only provided Katie the inspirational journal she will use this semester and the cards and treat bags and tags she will be giving to friends, but they have allowed her a very relaxing weekend at home.  There’s nothing like a weekend of creativity to get you ready for the week ahead!

stamping imperfection craft kits

All of this has made Katie very happy!  The moral of this story:  Keep those craft kits on hand and keep your kids relaxed and happy!


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You can also find a lot of great kits in my online store at mystampingstore.com!  Check it out and find out what craft kits you might want to have on hand!

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