A New Normal With Time For Creativity

By | 04/01/2020

Life has a new normal since I retired.  There is a nice cadence to the days.  Now that I’ve moved and settled in, I have time to do the things I’ve been putting off for the last 30 odd years or so.

You know the stuff you put off: walks, bike rides, painting, needlepoint, DIY projects, scrapbooking, reading, doing puzzles…the list goes on.

We put off a lot of good stuff!

Now I don’t do that during the day.  I paint when I feel the urge or sit and work a puzzle on the porch in the sun while the fish splash in front of me.  I sometimes spend the entire morning reading.  I take at least two walks a day and I just got back from a bike ride.  I have the cutest blue Huffy bike that is adorably retro with brown and white tires.

I’ve been taking some Copic coloring classes at My Creative Scoop.  I’ve share several of my projects with you before, so I thought I’d share the latest projects.  By the way, Mindy actually has a free Copic class if you go to her website at mycreativescoop.com.  I have no affiliation with her other than I’ve take several of her classes and I love her teaching style for Copic coloring.

copic coloring class with mycreativescoop

The little unicorn with the flowers and the butterfly on the hill are a digital stamp.  When you take a class at My Creative Scoop, the class is usually $15 and then you purchase the digital image from another company or an Etsy shop for just a couple of dollars.

What I really like about these classes is that Mindy focuses on a different skill each class and she teaches you how to create a background around the digital image.  This was just the unicorn, butterflies and flowers sitting on the ground when I printed it on a piece of cardstock with my printer.  I created the rolling hills, cloudy sky, and the sparkly water!  Yep!  I did that.

I also think that I did a pretty good job getting that little unicorn to look like a fluffy little animal.  Mindy does a short video for each part of the process so it is easy to follow and create along with her videos.

Here is another one that I’ve been working on…it’s not finished, but I thought I’d share.  This one is focusing on the folds in the gown.

copic coloring class with mycreativescoop

I still have the hair, shoes, wings, lantern and the background to finish.  I’ll share when I’m done.

I am loving taking these classes because I get so focused on watching the video and then trying it myself that I worry about nothing.  I think about nothing but my project and it is wonderful!

I can also reprint any digital image that I have purchased and try it again!

Of course, when I visit a store that sells digital images, I never just get the one Mindy linked to. I always end up browsing the store and getting a couple more.  I’m getting braver about doing digital images on my own and I’m almost ready to start entering some challenges.

But boy…those other people are talented colorists.  It’s so intimidating!!

Thank you for stopping by today. I have another video all set to put up for you tomorrow with a couple of super cute cards using the latest stamping trends.

Have a wonderful day!

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