Craft Room Organization: Always A Work In Progress

By | 08/10/2018

I shared a post and a video two days ago about how I was creating an Ink Swatch Ring for my Catherine Pooler Inks.  You can see that post HERE.

I’ve been working on those swatches for 3 days!!

I’m not only making swatches, I’m labeling my ink pads and attaching Velcro to hold the blender foam pads on the bottom of each ink pad.

I’m going to be delighted when this is done because it will be so useful.  Plus, there is the benefit of having nicely labeled and easy to locate ink pads.

Stamping Imperfection Catherine Pooler Ink Pad Swatches

How pretty does that little ring of ink swatches look?  I’m loving it.  Catherine Pooler Inks are so bright and happy.  I just love her colors.  I’m also really spending the time to add the Velcro to the bottom of each ink pad and attaching the foam blender pad because these are the most wonderful inks to blend.  It will be so worth the effort when I finish with this task because they will be all ready to go.  I won’t have to search for the foam pads.


While this feels like a bit of a chore, I’ve already decided that I will be doing this with my Altenew inks and my Distress Oxide inks.  I’m already finding this to be useful.  It’s given me a very clear picture of what colors I actually have to work with in this collection.  It will be so useful when I’m trying to pick out 3 or 4 colors that I want to coordinate together for a project as well.


Of course, now I’ve decided that I need to do the same thing with my watercolor supplies and my markers.  I actually already started this with my meager Copic collection.  While I was making my purchase during a recent sale, I purchased one of the ink swatch Copic books that was also on sale.  As soon as I got home and figured out where I would store my new little collection, I filled in the book with each of the markers that I had purchased.  I’ve pulled that book out several times to select colors for my projects just in the last two weeks that I have owned them.

This is a really useful tool that I am adding to my collection.  I’m going to attach a pretty hook to my wall right next to my work studio table and hang all of these swatch rings on the hook.

I’m also going to keep plugging along a little each day until I get this task done!  I can work through an episode of something on TV or find a good movie to play in the background and chug away at this chore.

I’ll be glad that I did it when it is all done!

Thank you for stopping by.  I would love for you to leave a comment to tell us how you organize your inks, markers, or color swatches.


2 thoughts on “Craft Room Organization: Always A Work In Progress

  1. Anita

    Hi Kim! What a great idea. I have no color system yet so this is something I am going to look into. Very simple and so easy to store. I am not a fan of binders since they take up too much space. I just finished organizing my non Stampin up stamps. It is so nice to have that done. Also my die cuts. I spent more time organizing the past weeks than I did crafting. But what a difference to work in a tidy area. Thanks for sharing!

    1. kim Post author

      I’m with you, Anita! But I feel like the time spent organizing has not been wasted. I know what I have and where it is! Happy August!


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