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By | 10/07/2019


I have a gift for you today!  I just finished taking the Altenew Academy Color Blending class with Kelly Latevola and it was fabulous!

The first lesson was all about color theory, creating color swatches and a color wheel.

I’ve taken several color theory classes and I’ve been collecting my notes from them.  I decided it was time to make a tidy reference sheet that we can refer to when we forget what complimentary colors are.

You can download the 3 printables HERE: Altenew Marker Swatch Sheet (1)

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Just load up your copier with 3 sheets of Neenah Solar White 80 lb cardstock and hit print.  Or…if you want to use the color wheel for watercolors, put your favorite brand of watercolor paper in the printer and print just the color wheel.

The first sheet is a typed version of what Kelly created to use with her Altenew markers.  It is really helpful to swatch out your markers, inks, watercolors…whatever medium you have.  Swatch it on the paper you will be using to actually do your coloring or painting on.  I printed mine using my old ink jet printer and gave it a few minutes to dry.

Altenew Marker Swatch Sheet and Color Theroy/Wheel FREE

This organizes the colors by the set they come in.  Altenew sells their markers in sets of 12.  They tend to have a dark, a light and a couple of medium tones for three color families in each set.  They sell them for just shy of $45.  But wait for a sale.  Seriously!  Altenew has a lot of FANTASTIC sales.  I never pay full price.  They have free shipping on orders over $100 and they also have loyalty program.  You will also get a coupon code for 5% off your next order.  Every now and then, they send a free stamp set.  Twice I’ve gotten a stamp set with my name on a stamp!  I LOVE this company.


The second sheet is a plain color wheel.  This can be used for any coloring medium you choose.  I’m working on my digital drawing skills, so please excuse the fact that things might not be even or centered!Altenew Marker Swatch Sheet and Color Theroy/Wheel FREE

I used the following makers for my wheel:

Red R318

Red-Orange Y817

Orange R608

Yellow-Orange Y514

Yellow Y204

Yellow-Green G804

Green G715

Blue-Green B815

Blue B016

Blue-Violet B926

Violet R705

Red-Violet R437

This wheel is very useful when you are selecting which colors will work together, with the notes on the next page!

The third page is my summary of notes from various videos and classes that I’ve taken along with an inexpensive color wheel that I purchased.Altenew Marker Swatch Sheet and Color Theroy/Wheel FREE

Here are some of the supplies I used to create this and the cards you will see on my blog over the next couple of days:

Supply list disclosure:

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