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By | 07/09/2020

Do you have any little things that you do that make your crafting easier and neater?

This is one of those little things that I’ve been doing for a while and it’s working really well for me.Misti Quick Tip

I recently got a new Misti. My old one took a tumble off my table onto the cement floor in my craft room.  This did not do the hinges any favors!

I took the opportunity to purchase the new Hero Arts Black Misti.  I decided to get both the Original and the Mini Misti.  Pink is not one of my favorite colors so I was delighted to see that I had an option to get this favorite tool of mine with the black sides.

The Misti came with a bar magnet and a small pad of the grid paper.  I laminated on piece of the grid paper for each size and cut the laminating right down to the grid paper.Misti Quick Tip

I’m doing this instead of using the mouse pads that you can purchase separately.  I had accidentally heat embossed too close to the mouse pad one day and it warped the mouse pad.  If that happens to my laminated sheet, I can just laminate one of the other sheets on the pads that I’ve tucked away for just such a purpose!

Two tools that I highly recommend having in your craft room:

  1. The 3M Scotch Laminator
  2. Brother P-Touch Label Maker

I know…31 years as a high school physics teacher and I used my laminator a lot over the years.  I use it for all kinds of things in my craft room too.

One thing I can tell you is that you don’t need the most expensive machine out there.  This little 3M Scotch Laminator has served me well over the years and I’ve had it about 15+ years. Misti Quick Tip

This little gadget has served me well.  I use it for all kinds of templates.  I laminate my ink swatching sheets.  I use it for foiling techniques and I’ve laminated covers for handmade calenders and journals.  My kids used it for science fair project displays and my husband uses it to create things for his fishing shows.  I won’t even go into all the things I’ve used this for creating manipulatives and lessons for my students over the years!  It stores on a thin shelf and it’s easy to set up and use.

Misti Quick Tip

I love this little P-Touch.  I have the battery operated one, but you can spend an extra $10 and get one with the AC adaptor.  I actually have 3 of these.  I have one upstairs in the living room on my desk and one in my craft room.  I purchased the 3rd one because my label maker went missing…my daughter had it in her bedroom.  She started labeling things when she was 5.  I wonder how many she has in her apartment now!

I label drawers, ink pads, boxes, pantry items…you name it.  It helps keep me so organized!  It’s got a lot of features I never use.  I just want to get things labeled so I can find them.  I don’t fuss with fonts and things like that.  I bet a really organized person fusses with fonts and makes pretty labels with this!

Supply List:

Are you interested in the products I used?  To make them easier for you to find, I have linked them below. (Affiliate disclosure ) Your purchases help keep my blog running at no additional cost to you and I thank you for the support!

I hope you find this tip and these recommendations useful!  I know that laminating the grid sheet on my Misti has helped me keep my Misti cleaner and it makes it easy to align project pieces as well.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you have a wonderful day!

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