The Challenge That Did Me In!

By | 01/30/2019

That’s right.  This week’s Paper Craft Crew challenge got the better of me.

I just couldn’t get this card to work.  Or at least the one I started with!

This week is a Tic-Tac-Toe challenge and you have to pick 3 in a row.  You know how it works.

I got 3 things from the box onto the card.  In a row?  I’m not sure!

Stamping Imperfection Quick Card with Premade Die Cuts

This is actually the 3rd card I attempted to make.

And yes…I resorted to using the patterned paper and premade printed die cuts that were still sitting on my desk from the Simon Says Stamp card kit I got earlier in the week.

I did create the silver embossed sentiment for one of the previous permutations of what was supposed to be a beautifully hand stamped card for the challenge.

But I got up at 5, worked all day and now it is 8:30 and I just want to relax.  It’s been a long day.

I slapped this card together and I like it!  These Pebbles printed die cuts are very pretty.  The floral one sparkles.

You know I love sparkles.

Here is the Paper Craft Crew challenge:

Stamping Imperfection Quick Card with Premade Die Cuts

A premade card base, some fabulous Pebbles patterned paper and a few foam pieces to pop up the die cuts and a few heart drops finished off this card.


It was WORK!

I believe that I have a floral valentine with something new here!

Thank you for stopping by.  I’m ready for a nice glass of red wine and a good night of sleep!

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