Time For Spring Cleaning In The Craft Room

By | 04/23/2018

I’ve been working on some organizing videos as I set up my craft room and put my systems into place.  I’ve been living with some new organizing systems for about 5 months now.

In that 5 month period of time, I’ve determined that some systems are working really well and others aren’t.  I’ve actually changed some things multiple times.

My biggest challenge:  Is there a good way to deal with paper scraps?

Unless I deal with them at the end of every crafting session, they pile up until I feel cocooned by the pile on my desk!

For the papers that I use all the time, I purchase a wire paper sorter and tipped it on it’s side.  This works really well for me.  I keep my papers separated in plastic file folders and that also works really well.  Stamping Imperfection Craft Room Organization


This came from a Michael’s sale and I’ve been really happy with this purchase.



This is cute because it has wood on the front and back and the rest is a good sturdy wire mesh.   Here is a link to the pockets that I use (please note that this is an affiliate link):

As I’m writing this, I realize that these are on sale…10 pockets for $5.  I used about 50 of them for all my colors of card stock and special card stocks.  I only keep the neutrals, whites and things like masking papers, window sheets, velum and so forth in this sorter.

I keep my small pieces of card stock in a fridge bin:

Stamping Imperfection Craft Room Organization


I have discovered that I have a distinct organizing style.  If I stick something in a cabinet in my craft room, I may never use it again.  If I use cabinets, I have to make sure that I don’t have it crammed full of stuff.  I really love having things organized in wood bins and metal baskets.  I can see what is there, it is easy to get to and easy to put away.

In my craft room, I find that I like shelving and I like storage that allows me to see what I have so I use it.  I know that this is not for everybody, but it works for me and I use my stuff every single day.

My sister looks at my craft room and always says that nothing matches and it looks like I have a lot of stuff.  Which I do!  (Hello!  It’s my craft room.  This is where I craft and this is where I keep my stuff to craft with.  In an apocalypse, I could hunker down here and keep busy for decades.)

It is pretty organized and I can find what I’m looking for.  It just doesn’t have matching cabinets and matching furniture all in white where everything is stored out of site.

I live here and I think you can tell that when you walk in to the room.  It’s my space and my comfort place.  It is exactly how I want it to be.  I like color, so some of the furniture is not white.  It isn’t all the same color either.

Plus…I love a clearance sale and a scratch and dent aisle.  I’ve also never met a thrift store that I didn’t love.  I have not paid full price for a single thing in here…with one exception.

My Stamp-n-Storage pieces.  I just love the pieces that I purchased from them.  I have purchased a few things on sale and you can earn reward points which end up being like a coupon or a gift certificate and it saves you money.  These pieces have been worth every penny!

I’ve got my “older” ones painted.  My newer pieces will get painted this summer.

I have 3 favorite items from Stamp-n-Storage:

  1. My marker holders
  2. My ink pad holders
  3. The magnetic sheets

I have 7 of these marker holders and you can see that they are way more versatile than just marker holders.  I LOVE these for my clear blocks and embellishments.  I have those clear block cases which fit in the slots that hold embellishments.

These are the handiest storage pieces I have!!!!  The stack nicely on top of my ink pad holder, which acts as a nice shelf for other tools.  I keep all my brushes in a pretty metal container.  This is a perfect way to store brushes since it gives them space to dry and they don’t get crushed.

Stamping Imperfection Craft Room Organization

I also have a couple of the ribbon holders, die and embossing boxes, and stamp storage as well.  I have added to my collection slowly over the last 3 years or so.

Stamping Imperfection Craft Room Organization

I will share more about those pieces later this week.  Don’t the ribbons and makers look pretty stored like that?  It’s so colorful and I can see everything and remember to use it!



Today, I wanted to tell you about the Spring Cleaning Challenge taking place at Stamp-n-Storage.

This week, they are having a Spring Cleaning 5 day event where they are actually emptying out their space and rebuilding and reorganizing from scratch.  The blog post today talks about getting the space emptied. Then over the next few days, they will show you how to set up a craft space in a 10 x 5′ area for about $1500 on a budget of about $375-400 over a period of a few months.  Personally, I work on a strict budget and I’ve been building my collection of craft supplies and storage over time.  I’m looking forward to see what ideas they have to share!!!

Unfortunately, I have never had the budget to gut the room and have a company come in and build me the perfect room.  I keep telling myself that I would hate the perfect room.  I don’t feel at all guilty about crafting in this one and making a mess.  Could I do that in the perfect craft room?  I tell myself no!

Anyway…stop by the Stamp-n-Storage blog to check out their 5 day Spring Cleaning series.  Get ready for the May 30 Day Craft Room Organizing Challenge.  When you visit Stamp-n-Storage, browse and plan only.  Wait for a sale to make your purchase!

I’ll be browsing too….what do I want to add to my storage pieces next?

What is your biggest organizing challenge in your craft room?

Thank you for stopping by!!!

**This blog post contains affiliate links.**


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