Use The Rainbow Technique To Create Colorful Creations!

By | 11/11/2015

You can add color to your projects in so many different ways.  I’ve created this treat bag and I’ve added my own color touches in several different ways.



Create colorful fall treat bags with the Rainbow Coloring Technique!


Check out the ribbon, the sponged bag,  and the sentiment!

The ribbon was colored using a spritzing technique that I shared in a post and video yesterday.  You can see that here if you missed it!

I also created a video to show you a quick rainbow coloring technique using markers that I learned years ago watching Dee Gruenig on the Carol Duvall Show years ago.  That, along with Aileen’s Craft show, really helped me become a serious crafter!  They all made me realize that you could make really beautiful projects that you were proud to give without a degree in art!


Dee certainly made the stamping look easy.  If you haven’t seen her books or her videos, they are really wonderful!  Carol Duvall has several books as well.  I believe  you can find them both on YouTube.  They truly helped elevate the crafting industry to what it is today.



Create colorful fall treat bags with the Rainbow Coloring Technique

Here is the video showing you how I created this sentiment and bag with the rainbow coloring technique using markers.

I made a second bag because I loved the first one so much!

Create colorful fall treat bags with the Rainbow Coloring Technique

Here is another video showing you the sponging technique I used on the bag itself:


One of the things that I’d like to stress to you is this:  DON’T BE AFRAID TO EXPERIMENT!

When new products come out or when you have things in your stash that you aren’t sure what to do with…spend a few hours trying new techniques.  Play with colors and mediums.  Try a technique you’ve never tried before or maybe one you haven’t done in years!

Get lost in being creative and just take some time for yourself.

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