Create Your Own Unique Colored Ribbon And Glimmer Paper

By | 11/08/2015

Have you ever wanted “just the right color” of ribbon or specialty paper for a project, but didn’t have it?  Now you can Create Your Own Unique Colored Ribbon And Glimmer Paper! 

There are several ways to color your ribbons and glimmer papers, but by far the easiest way is to use your spritzer, some 70% Isopropyl Alcohol from the pharmacy and your reinkers.

Create Your Own Unique Colored Ribbon And Glimmer Paper

I love how these techniques allow you to create just the perfect ribbon to match a project!  I also love how it then becomes truly yours because nobody has ribbon like it.

This is so quick and easy to do.  Here is a video that I created to remind you how to do this:

I created a card for the Paper Craft Crew Challenge using the ribbon and glimmer paper that I created.  I did spritz the ribbon and paper twice because I wanted it darker than it came out as it dried the first time.

Create your own ribbon and glimmer paper with spritzing!

Here I’ve used the Venetian Crocheted Lace.  How pretty is this colored???  You can also see the glimmer paper peeking along the side of the sentiment.

I’ve also created a video for the rainbow technique that I used on the sentiment.  I will share that in a day or two!

Thanks for stopping by.  Don’t be shy about experimenting with coloring techniques to create truly unique touches for your projects.  Make it yours and make it stand out!

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