Totally Tiffany Die, Stamp, & Supply Organizer For My Everyday Craft Tools

By | 02/28/2019

It’s no secret that my craft room is the home to all the unloved furniture, thrift store finds, dollar store deals, and yard sale goodies that I’ve collected over the years.

While I don’t have one of those beautiful professionally designed and constructed craft rooms that we all drool over on Pinterest and the organizing Facebook groups we all belong to, I do have a very organized craft room.

Even though my room (and my entire house really) is organized, I am always looking for new organizing solutions to streamline things or to make things look tidier.

A room full of thrift store finds is not as pretty to gaze upon as one of those rooms with the white cabinets, laminate floors, and granite countertops.

I don’t need beautiful.  I need functional!

I also need to see what I have so I know that those cabinets will not work for me.  Once I tuck something away in a cabinet, it is lost to me.

(Unless it’s chocolate.)

I don’t know why that is.  I just tend to grab what is in front of me.  If I see it, I use it.

Here is how my desk usually looks at the start of a crafty evening:

Totally Tiffany Die, stamp and supply organizer

That’s right!  The tools I reach for most often are in cups, bowls and a wooden box on the shelf next to me.  If I want one of my distress oxides or Catherine Pooler inks, I have to slide all this out of the way to reach them.

This works for me because the things I use are right in front of me or right next to me conveniently within reach.

It doesn’t work because they are in front of other things I need to use and reach for often.

I found a great solution!

Die Stamp and Supply Organizer, organizing craft tools


This is the Totally-Tiffany Die, Stamp, and Supply Organizer from the Desk Maid Line.  I love it!

I’ve been using it now for about a week and it really works well for me.  I feel like I bought a bigger craft table!  All the stuff from the cup, bowl and wood bin that I had been using and all the loose stuff fit in this organizer with room to spare!

I pulled out some glues that I keep forgetting to use, my hand lotion, and some cleaning supplies and tucked them in the extra space in the back of this!

I also slid over one of my ink pad holders and created a little nook for this to slide into.  It’s super convenient because I can slide it out and pull it closer to me and then just drop everything back in once I use it and slide it back into the space I created for it.   I can also easily reach my ink pads without anything in the way!  I do plan to paint those white this summer so that the entire area has a cleaner, more cohesive look.


Die Stamp and Supply Organizer, organizing craft tools

Every kind of adhesive that I use along with the ones I’ve been meaning to use, are tucked in here.  All my tools are in here as are some things I kept wishing I had a good space for are now in here.  I have my watercolor brushes, my hand lotion, my stapler and long clear blocks…all in here!

This is 15″ wide, 9″ deep, and 5-1/2″ tall.

Check out this video:

I’m kicking myself for not order two more of these.  I got this on sale with a coupon for free shipping!

What would I use two more of these for?

  1. Watercolor supplies.  I don’t know if you can see this, but there are slots with wood pieces that slide in and out.  This is conveniently adjustable so it works for the tools I use all the time.  I have only the tools I use all the time in here.  It is all easy to reach and pull out and easy to drop back in place when I’m done.  I’m thinking that back slot minus the divider in the middle would hold my big swatch notebook and my longest watercolor palette.  My brushes would fit in a middle slot along with my smaller paint palette.  I could also fit a Brutus Monroe cleaner with water in the front along with my watercolor brush markers and the watercolor Brusho crystals.
  2. I have been looking for a place to keep my journal and supplies.  This would be ideal.  I really love that I can adjust the size of the slots to fit my needs.
  3. I also think this would be a fantastic solution for my stencils and my stencil brushes.

Can I change my mind and order 3 more?!

My sister has been a fan of the Totally-Tiffany products for many years.  She has the Scrap Rack and has been raving about it forever!

This is the first time I’ve actually tried any Totally-Tiffany products and I’m so delighted that I discovered them now!

Several weeks ago, I saw a Design Team call for people to apply to be part of the Totally-Tiffany Blogging Troup.  I applied and got selected to be a part of the team.  I’m really excited about joining this group because who doesn’t want to try out great organizing supplies?  Totally-Tiffany Blogging Troop Badge

Full disclosure:  When they sent the welcome letter, they invited us to select any one product at any price point for free.  They also gave us a coupon code that gave us free shipping on anything else we purchased that day.

I know that I “should” have gone straight for that super Scrap Rack bundle, but I found one of their carts and realized that it would be perfect for my journaling tools.  I will be sharing that in another video and blog post on another day!

I also then went to the sale and clearance tab and found a gold mine of tool storage and paper storage products on sale.  I selected a few things that were on sale to try them before recommending anything to you.  I’m so glad that I did that.  I have found some great solutions for things like my 6×6″ patterned paper stacks and my glue gun.  (More videos to share with you later!)


You can check out the other organizing products at Totally-Tiffany HERE.

You can also go directly to the Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer HERE.


To learn more about Totally-Tiffany and to get more tips on organizing your craft supplies, follow Totally-Tiffany on Social Media:

Instagram: @totallytiffanyorganizes
Twitter:  @ScrapRackLady


Thanks for stopping by today!  Happy crafting!

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5 thoughts on “Totally Tiffany Die, Stamp, & Supply Organizer For My Everyday Craft Tools

  1. Anita

    Hi Kim, love this organizer. I agree with you that the supplies you use with each project need to be at your fingertips. I have just a craft desk and small area in our guest room which works for me. The room has a couch that opens to a bed so we occasionally watch tv in there. My area is in back of the couch. I use a small plastic tote and I have two spinning organizers that work great for my everyday supplies. This keeps my work area clean. Under my desk I have a three drawer rolling cabinet( just plastic which holds my “extra”, my larger stamp positioner, ribbon, embellishments etc. Also under the desk I have two paper racks. These are basically under my feet but not a problem. My area is small but I feel like I have a good use of space. Plus since it is our guest room and occasionally tv room I need to keep things neat. Behind me I have two cabinets which I use the top of one for my embossing and the top of the other for my paper cutter. My final piece is a 5 drawer rolling cart for all my inks. I love to share ideas for organization. If you want I can send you some pictures. I have nothing fancy but works for me. Thanks for sharing!

    1. kim Post author

      Hi Anita!
      Your craft space sounds fantastic! I would love to see pictures and if you’re okay with it, I would love to share them on my blog. We are all looking for ideas for our spaces and I love when everyone shares pictures! I’m planning a small craft room that will double as a guest room for our “winter house” in Florida and your space sounds exactly like what I’ve been planning.(Hence our downsizing here two years ago!) I will have a pull out couch in mine as well so I have one wall that I can use and devote to craft space. I like the idea of putting it behind the couch so there is a seating area. I’ve been debating about whether to have a small sink put in there or to go with a stackable washer/dryer in the laundry room and have a utility sink put in there. That room will also double as my husband’s office. Let’s say that it will be a quaint little place! Of course as I experiment with new organizing tools, I’m making a list of my must have minimum supplies for that space too. I would love to see some of the solutions you have in place! Thanks for sharing!

      1. Anita

        Hi Kim, I would love to share some pictures and you can post them if you want. Keep in mind that I am a very “casual” crafter. I can’t compare to the amount of supplies that you have. But if you are planning your “satellite” space in Florida you may just need a simplified area as I have. We have a colonial and upstairs over our garage is a large room,” bonus room” that we fixed up as an extra TV room and guest room. We ourselves hardly use it. Occasionally my daughter will watch TV but mostly it is for guests. I will take some pictures and email them to you. I do have a question on the Altenew artist markers. I decided to give them a try and want to know if it is better to buy the multipack of 12 or they sell 3 packs of the same color family which is nice if blending. I read some comments on these and some complained because you end up getting duplicates if you buy both. So confusing. I thought I would start with one of the small sets of 12. Love your take on it.

        1. kim Post author

          I purchased them in sets of 12 because the smaller sets were not available at that time. I just got set D, which is the newest and I am pleased with the combination. You get 4 greens, 4 browns, 4 purples which is a nice combination or Set A which gives blues, greens and reds. The greens in set A are perfect for leaves. The greens in set D are the lagoon greens with a touch of blue. I think either of those sets is a good place to start if you are doing florals. If you are more into doing cute critters, Set C has grays, yellows and reds or the browns of set D would work as well.

          1. Anita

            Thank you Kim. I will start with one of those sets.

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