Craft Organization: Is A Craft Space Ever Really Done?

By | 10/26/2018

I mean, really.  Is a craft space ever done?

I don’t even think that I could define done for my space.  I don’t have a vision for some dream space.

I’m more of a reactionary craft space “decorator”.

I buy new stuff and need to find a place to put it.

Thank goodness for Stamp-n-Storage.  They must love me there!  I’ve been adding pieces to my room for at least 4 years now and I love everything I have.  All of it has made my room so functional.  For me, function is the most important aspect of “designing” my craft space.

I just got a new piece from Stamp-n-Storage.  I was so happy to see it sitting on my porch when I got home from work yesterday.  I spent the rest of the evening rearranging things on my craft table.

Stamping Imperfection Craft Organization

Several years ago, my mother gave me some money for Christmas.  I dragged my husband to Ikea and had him help me get a craft table, and 4 sets of Alex drawers in two sizes.

I love the stuff I got that day and the prices were so reasonable.  My table is “L” shaped and it is big.  It has a huge frame beneath it.  My daughter is an engineer and I had her take a look at it to see if she thought it would hold all the stuff I had planned for the top of it.  She deemed it safe to do, so here I am today!

I’m creating a cocoon of crafty goodness around my desk!  I love this space.  I actually have a good sized room, but I have a paper storage area, my sewing area, my die cutting station, a separate craft table that my father bought at an auction in 1983 for my first apartment…I will NEVER part with that table.  That is my landing spot for new arrivals.  The new craft goodies get opened and organized there.

The rest of the room holds a piano and my Nordic Track…which I promise to use tomorrow.

Anyway…I found myself not using the entire desk top and I realized that I was not using that corner and little stuff was piling up and needed a home.  I bought the corner unit and I’m very happy with it.  You may notice a few of the new things I have been obsessed with lately.  It is holding my Ranger Distress Crayons, my ink swatch rings, my Altenew and Sakura Watercolors and my Altenew Watercolor Brush Markers.  On top of it is a tin I got a Michaels that is holding all sorts of watercolor tools.  My mini Misti is in there too.  My desk is much tidier and feels twice as big now.

Stamping Imperfection Craft Organization

You can see that I have a marker storage piece to the left.  I love those.  I have 7 of them and I only use a couple for markers.  You can remove the shelves and hold larger things, like my Altenew Mini Blossom Die Cut Machine.  I also have an oversized archival ink pad on there, some embossing powder and my Misti corner tools.  I have ink storage next to that.  On the right of the corner unit, I have a paper organizer made of wood and wire that I got at Michaels.  I’ve turned this sideways and it is perfect for my most used papers.  My computer sits next to that and it is just perfect there.

Stamping Imperfection Craft Organization

Here you see the other end of my table.  Inks and more marker storage.  These hold all my clear blocks and little tools that I’m always reaching for.  I really love the ink storage pieces and I actually have room to grow.

It’s a good thing…Catherine Pooler just came out with 3 new ink colors and Tim Holtz is about to release the last 12 Distress Oxide Inks.  I actually have one more 48 pad storage that you don’t see in this picture.  It is next to my chair and holds my new hybrid inks.

I have to be done falling in love with inks  soon.  I mean, seriously!  I’m obsessed!  I so love having my ink pads right on my desk easily in reach.  I can see everything and I use it all because it is organized, in front of my face, and easy to access and put away.

You can see two other new things that I have in this picture.  Stamp-n-Storage sent me a free pop up waste basket for my desk with my order.  I ordered during their fall sale and the freebie was included along with a coupon discount for ordering during the sale.  I also got free shipping which I think is a huge savings.  I would rather have free shipping than 5% off.  Shipping always adds so much more to the cost.

I also got a pretty ceramic dish from Kat Scrapiness that has 3 wells for watercoloring.  It’s so pretty and so functional for watercoloring.

I know this doesn’t look tidy, but it really is super functional. Everything is in its place.  I like that it all has a home to return to.  It makes cleaning up after a day of crafting so much faster.  I do love coming down to a tidy craft table the next day.  I can dig right in with being creative that way.  I find cleaning up to be distracting.



Stamp-n-Storage Has Free Shipping Through October 29!



Stamp-n-Storage also started a new Crafted Spaces video series.  You can check that out on their website for inspiration.  A lot of people do gut their rooms, have them designed with new cabinets that hold all the Stamp-n-Storage pieces out of site.  They are beautiful and inspiring rooms to see.

I’m going to keep adding pieces as I need them.  I’m really happy in my space and I feel super creative and inspired here and that is what it is all about.  I love going to a thrift store, a garage sale or to Michaels when they have baskets and boxes for 50% off to get fun organizing pieces to add to my Stamp-n-Storage stuff.  It’s just working for me.

But will it ever really be done?

I’m not sure I want it to be!

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you find your inspiration for a crafty day!

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