Craft Room Cleaning Day

By | 02/02/2019

Once a month I try to spend some time cleaning up in my craft room.

I can’t work on a messy table, so my actual work table gets cleaned off every day.  Sometimes it is before I start for the day and sometimes when I’m done.

One thing that I do have trouble keeping up with is the new stuff that I purchase.

I do keep myself to a crafty budget, but I do still tend to pile up what I do receive on my crafting with friends table and I haven’t had time to organize it and put it away since Thanksgiving!

Plus, I took advantage of the Stamp-n-Storage sale and purchased one of the drawer sets that has been on my wish list forever.

And…admittedly, sometimes when I clean off my work table I just pile it on the other table.  I try to tidy that up on the weekends, but some weekends get away from me!

Craft Room Organization and Storage Ideas

I keep my new items in a metal bin so I remember that I can’t order any more until I’ve used that stuff at least once.  Plus, you can see that it is full.  I haven’t had a chance to put the new items into my normal plastic storage sleeves.  I will put on a movie and clean up that table.

Here is my new storage piece from Stamp-n-Storage:

Craft Room Organization and Storage Ideas

I actually bought 2 of these.  I plan to use one for just my journaling supplies.  I have a set of colored pencils, some templates, my Catherine Pooler Mini Ink pads, some special stamp sets, stickers and washi tapes for example, that I just keep for journaling.  I need a place for it and this will be perfect.

I decided to get one triple drawer and one double drawer so that I could fit some deep storage items in there and I’m happy I did that.

The other drawer set will be for my watercoloring supplies.  I decided it would be nice to have a dedicated set of drawers that will work for those materials.  Right now, I have that stuff all over the place and it needs a permanent home.

Finally, I got a great deal on the Elizabeth Ward embellishment storage piece during the December sales and I have not had time to get my latest embellishments put into it.

A lot of companies offer grab bags full of mystery stuff at the end of the year and I decided to finally purchase one and see what that was all about.  I got exactly what I paid for.  I did not think the value was more than what I paid.  They always say that you will get $XX amount of stuff for $X dollars.  When I added it up, maybe I got  a few extra dollars worth of stuff.  You do get the stuff nobody purchased.  Some of it I will most certainly use, but there were a couple things that left me wondering what they were actually for!  Those will get donated to one of the kids programs that are always looking for craft goodies for summer camps and after school programs.  They won’t go to waste.

Here are the latest sequins that I have to play with!  I’m going to give this organizer a try and see if I like it.  I’ll let you know. Right now all my embellishments are in the craft mates lockables and I really like those.  I thought this Elizabeth Ward one would fit in a drawer and could hold the stuff I use less often, but still love.  I can’t imagine ever filling it up, so that is good!

These will get put away and organized today!

I also purchased some new metal tins with lids that I will put to good use for some of my scrapbooking supplies and my new Picket Fence blending brushes.

And…I need to dust and vacuum. I’m pretty sure I haven’t done that in a year in that room!

Tomorrow will be a day to create in a very tidy space.  Once a month to keep it organized and tidy is worth it.  I am more creative and more relaxed in a tidy space.

I also like being able to find my stuff when I want it!

Thank you for stopping by.  I would love it if you left a comment and shared your favorite organizing tool or idea with the rest of us!

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