Craft Storage: Re-Purpose A Cup For Tool Storage

By | 07/07/2015

Craft Storage:  Re-Purpose A Cup For Tool Storage

Find creative ways to store your tools!

Do you love an organized craft room?  I know I do.  I find it hard to be creative in chaos.  I need my workspace to be tidy-ish and I need my tools handy and right in front of me.

I decided to create a quick project for my craft room.  I’ve been meaning to replace a plastic cup that I keep on my desk for all of my must have tools.  I found a great glass cup that will be a great replacement.

Stamping Imperfection Craft Storage - Tool Cup

Stamping Imperfection Craft Storage – Tool Cup


It’s a great size and the wide base will keep me from knocking it over.  It just needed a couple of little touches!

Stamping Imperfection Craft Storage - Tool Cup

Stamping Imperfection Craft Storage – Tool Cup

I used the new Layered Letters Alphabet set along with some StazOn White ink to stamp “Tools” on the side of the cup.  I did heat set this with the low setting on my heat tool.  It’s very humid here today and it would have taken forever to dry!

If you try this and hate it or you don’t like how it looks, you can use a craft knife to scrape the letters off the glass and start over!

Acrylic paint works well also.  You can use a sponge brush to add the paint to your stamps and then stamp it on your project.  Again, that needs some time to dry.  The paint will be darker than the StazOn ink.

You can also see that I added some of the Cherry Cobbler thick baker’s twine around the bottom.  I used some Crystal Effects to get it started along the back and then I just wound it around the base of the cup and used the Crystal Effects to adhere the other end to the back as well.  Just pull it tight as you wind it around and you’re good to go.

I really like the effect!  You can stamp directly on the glass!  LOVE IT!

New Craft Organizers:

I decided that now that I’ve made the last college tuition payment for my kids (can you give me a “WOOHOO”?!), I deserve two things:  a vacation someplace that I’ve never been and some new craft room organizers that I’ve always wanted.

I’ve been coveting…there, I said it… some of the Stamp-n-Storage pieces for on my table.  As you know, I’ve got a giant work table from Ikea in my craft space in the basement.

Stamping Imperfection Craft Storage - Craft Table

This functions really well for me.  All my tools and stamps are right in front of me.  I don’t forget that I have them and I manage to keep this tidy.

It’s functional.

It’s just not pretty. 

I have a Pinterest board full of craft storage ideas and another board of beautiful craft rooms.

Now, I won’t profess to feel the need to gut my craft room and start from scratch.  (Did I also say that I want a real vacation somewhere?!)  You see on social media where people completely gut a room in their house and hire professionals to come in and make them a craft room with all white cabinets and all of the goodies that go with it to keep them perfectly organized.

You know…you too have seen those rooms featured online.  Perhaps you have one of those rooms?!  If so, please go to my Facebook page and share a picture with us.  We would dearly love to drool over it and pin your ideas to our boards for potential use in our dream rooms some day.

I digress…

I actually went on Stamp-n-Storage and used their studio designer tool to pick out the pieces that I wanted.  Then I did it…I ordered them!

Half of them arrived yesterday and I plan on painting them tomorrow!  I’m so excited.  I can’t put it all together until the larger pieces arrive and I get those painted too.  The waiting is torture!

I actually ordered one of those fabulous ink pad storage pieces that hold the markers and reinkers!

Stamping Imperfection Craft Storage - Combo Ink stoage unit from Stamp-N-Storage

Stamping Imperfection Craft Storage – Combo Ink storage unit from Stamp-N-Storage


Oh yes, I did!  I also ordered the punch storage unit!

I plan to paint everything white and add some nice white molding around my pegboard to give it all a cohesive look.

I will share pictures of it as soon as I’ve got it done.  It will only be one corner of my room, but that’s the corner that I’m in all the time so it’s the important corner.

My sewing area is already in good shape.  A few summers ago, I bought 3 stock white cabinets and a piece of stock counter top and created a nice sewing area.  My husband added some shelves above my sewing machine for fabric storage and I’m good to go.  It looks nice and it’s functional.

Is my new area going to match the sewing space behind me?  Not exactly.  It will all be white, so that’s enough for me.

Will I ever have one of those start from scratch dream craft rooms?  You bet I will.  Just not right now!  All I want right now is to have my paper crafting space organized, functional and tidy.  I would like it to look cohesive and I would like it to feel like a creative space.

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