Quick Tip: Create A Magnet Tray Or Bowl For Your Craft Table

By | 06/21/2020

I have a set of retro trays that I got at a yard sale at least 20 years ago.  There were 6 small trays…which probably had some other purpose originally.  What it was, I have no idea.  I’ve used them for all sorts of things.  They have been perfect trinket trays and lotion holders.  I love the color and the little gold edges add a lovely touch.

I have recently repurposed 2 of them for my crafty space.  I attached a magnet strip and I have one on my craft table and one on my counter at my cutting station.  I use the trays to hold my metal dies and die cuts as I’m working.  Too many times I’ve had a die get misplaced only to turn up much later and then I can’t remember which set it went to.

Has this happened to you?

This little tray serves to corral my dies and die cuts and I can carry the tray with these materials to my table and work with them in one tidy spot.  As soon as I pull a die off my die cutter, it goes onto the tray so I can keep track of it until I can put it away with the set it belongs with.

This system is working for me!

I have a video to share to show you all about it…it’s a very quick tip video!

I hope you find this helpful!

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Thank you for stopping by!  Have a crafty and organized day!

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